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Play Drop The Number: A Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game

Are you looking for a new puzzle game that will test your math skills? Look no further than Play Drop The Number. This fun and addictive game is perfect for all ages and will keep you entertained for hours on end. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Play Drop The Number is, how to play it, our personal examples of playing the game, comparisons with other puzzle games, and tips and tricks to help you score big.

What is Play Drop The Number?

Play Drop The Number is a mobile puzzle game that requires players to strategically place numbered tiles onto a grid in order to achieve the highest score possible. The game is simple in concept, yet challenging in execution. Players must drop numbered tiles onto the grid, with each tile being added together to create a larger number. The goal is to create as many large numbers as possible before the grid becomes full.

How to Play Play Drop The Number

Playing Play Drop The Number is easy, but mastering the game is a different story. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Download Play Drop The Number from your preferred app store.
  2. Open the app and select “Play” from the main menu.
  3. You’ll be presented with a grid and a number at the top of the screen. Tap on a space in the grid to drop a tile with the corresponding number.
  4. Tiles with the same number can be combined by dropping them next to each other. For example, if you drop a 2 tile next to another 2 tile, they will combine to form a single 4 tile.
  5. You’ll earn points based on the value of the tiles you create. For example, a 4 tile is worth more points than two separate 2 tiles.
  6. Keep playing until the grid becomes full and you can no longer drop any more tiles.

Our Experience with Play Drop The Number

We’ve spent countless hours playing Play Drop The Number, and we’re happy to report that it’s one of the most addictive puzzle games we’ve ever played. The game is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. We’ve found ourselves constantly pushing to beat our high score and create larger numbers on the grid.

One of our favorite strategies when playing Play Drop The Number is to focus on creating larger tiles early in the game. By combining smaller tiles into larger ones, you’ll earn more points and create more space on the grid for additional tiles.

Play Drop The Number vs Other Puzzle Games

When it comes to puzzle games, there’s no shortage of options available on mobile devices. So how does Play Drop The Number compare to other popular games like Candy Crush or Sudoku?

In our opinion, Play Drop The Number stands out thanks to its simplicity and addictive gameplay. While games like Candy Crush can be frustratingly complex at times, Play Drop The Number is easy to understand and provides a satisfying challenge. It also doesn’t require an internet connection to play, making it perfect for those times when you’re stuck without wifi.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Play Drop The Number

If you’re looking to improve your scores in Play Drop The Number, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Focus on creating larger tiles early in the game to maximize your points.
  • Take advantage of the “undo” button if you make a mistake. Don’t be afraid to backtrack if necessary.
  • Keep an eye on the next tile that will be dropped. Planning ahead can help you create larger tiles and avoid getting stuck.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies. There’s no one “right” way to play Play Drop The Number.


How do I download Play Drop The Number?

Play Drop The Number is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Is Play Drop The Number free to play?

Yes, Play Drop The Number is completely free to download and play. However, there are in-app purchases available if you want to unlock additional features or remove ads.

How many levels are in Play Drop The Number?

There are currently no “levels” in Play Drop The Number. The game is endless, with the goal being to achieve the highest score possible before the grid becomes full.

Can I play Play Drop The Number offline?

Yes, Play Drop The Number can be played offline. It’s a great option for passing the time during long car rides or flights.

Is Play Drop The Number suitable for all ages?

Yes, Play Drop The Number is suitable for players of all ages. It’s a great way to test your math skills and keep your brain sharp.


If you’re looking for a fun and addictive puzzle game that will test your math skills, look no further than Play Drop The Number. This free-to-play mobile game is easy to understand, yet provides a satisfying challenge that will keep you coming back for more. And with endless gameplay and the ability to play offline, it’s the perfect game to keep on your phone for when you need a quick distraction or a way to pass the time.

So what are you waiting for? Download Play Drop The Number today and start dropping those tiles! With a little strategy and a bit of luck, you just might achieve your highest score yet.

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